Welcome to Restyle your Smile!

We make composite veneers without grinding your healthy teeth!

The demand for cosmetic dentistry (or aesthetic dentistry) has been increasing significantly for many years. This goes along with the trend of people giving great importance to a beauty and health, and although we believe that real beauty lies within, a beautiful smile is an important part of a beautiful appearance and we are more than willing to help you realise that! 

I’m Nicole de Preud’homme, business line manager of Restyle your Smile NL b.v., and I’d like to tell you more about our clinics.

Veneers are very popular and therefore often in the news. Unfortunately not always positive. Both the main stream media and many colleagues in our industry have a one-sided, negative image of dental veneers; this is often prompted by the examples where teeth have been irreversably damaged or where all kinds of problems have arisen. I would like to introduce you to the Restyle your Smile procedure whereby veneers are made in an affordable, reversible, and ethical manner. 

Hans en Nicole de Preud’homme

Whiten discolored teeth again

Problems with discolored teeth? We give them the color of your preference. Hollywood white is also possible!

Displaced teeth lined up again

Displaced teeth can be put in line without pain and/or major treatment!

Longlasting result

The treatment result is longlasting, so you can enjoy a beautiful smile for years!

100% painless

Our make over treatments are completely painless! Anaesthesia not needed.

Not expensive

Our make overs are quite affordable! A fair price for top quality!

Premium Quality

Our veneers, made from first quality composite make your teeth look absolutely spectacular!!

How did Restyle your Smile get started?

We noticed in practice that the demand for cosmetic dentistry (or aesthetic dentistry) began to increase more and more. From the desire to meet that demand according to good dental and ethical practice, the Restyle your Smile method, and later the Restyle your Smile academy, was born.

My husband, Hans de Preud’homme (dentist, implantologist, oncological dentist, aesthetic dentist, but also son of a particularly artistic mother) developed a method that we registered under the name Restyle your Smile.

So what makes the way Restyle your Smile works so special?

Our approach is different and that manifests itself in several ways. Importantly, we (almost) never grind  healthy teeth. This means that the treatment is painless and reversible, but also that we do not damage healthy teeth. 

With our special aesthetic and colorstable composite, we can create virtually any desired color, position and shape change.

Our expert dentists also ensure that the veneers are applied according to good dental practice in such a way that there are perfectly smooth margins at the gums,  normal cleaning and flossing remains possible, and regular check ups can be performed as usual by the client’s regular dentist.

Also important to mention is the good price/quality ratio. 

Why having your own academy?

We started ‘small’ (1 treatment room) but the demand for our treatments quickly increased, which was the reason  to expand capacity. To ensure our the quality of our treatment method, we have developed our own academy, where all dentists working at Restyle your Smile follow a training before they come to work in one of our clinics. Naturally, they are all qualified dentists and BIG registered. Momentarily, we have 9 practitioners (at the end of 2022 there will be 11) working in our clinics in Baarn and Prinsenbeek. In addition, there are 8 consultants  doing the intakes among other things; they also followed a training in our own academy.

Why composite?

We are often asked why we do not offer porcelain veneers. However, our practitioners have a strong preference for working with composite, and there are several reasons for this.

Composite, unlike porcelain, can be worked out very thinly on the teeth, only a very small layer thickness is needed to still obtain a good color/shape/position. This means that when working with composite we hardly ever have to grind the teeth. With porcelain, more thickness is often needed, especially to obtain the currently popular ‘bleach’ colors; this cannot be applied without grinding the teeth to create space for this.

Even for the so-called non-prep veneers, often some of the teeth will be ground away; for the treatments as they were recently (negatively) in the news, for example, in Turkey, “veneers” is not the correct word, these are actually crowns, for which a big part of the own healthy teeth is ground away with all possible adverse effects. At Restyle your Smile we hardly ever grind (if in exceptional cases it is necessary, it will always be minimal and will be discussed in advance). The ‘preparation’ of the enamel for bonding the composite is comparable to what an orthodontist does when applying brackets.

Composite veneers are manufactured directly in the mouth, which means that we are not dependent on dental laboratories, but also that you as a customer can watch the treatment procedure and make adjustments if you wish.

Finally, the price-quality ratio of composite is very good. And in the event of unexpected damage, a repair is a piece of cake.


Our special aesthetic composite is colorfast and extremely durable. Scientific studies have been done into the so-called failure rate of dental veneers; for porcelain this is almost the same as for composite, by the way. These studies show that facings have a survival rate of about 90% (after 5 years) and about 75% (after 10 years). This is exceptionally high but does mean that facings wear out with use and that damage may occur in some cases; after all, the tooth is an ‘object of use’.  The major advantage of composite over porcelain however, is that damage can be very easily repaired.

Our clients

Most of our clients come from all over the Netherlands but also from far beyond. We welcomed clients from Belgium, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Malta, Sweden, Switzerland, Dubai and Spain. We also treated many Dutch celebrities (singers, female singers, soccer players, DJs, vloggers, TV presenters and participants of TVOH, EOTB and Temptation Island, among others) and we are quite proud of that! 

Our strength

Our strength lies in our distinctive product, our price/quality ratio and our excellent guarantee conditions, but not least in our very professional team of practitioners, consultants and other supporters. Every day they are ready with great enthusiasm for our clients, in a very accessible, relaxed,  atmosphere  where medical and business make way for professional and personal! We welcome you to one of our clinics.