FAQ's - Procedure

Our veneers are made of special cosmetic composite; with this material, a spectacular colour result can be achieved by applying just a very thin layer! (e.g. "Hollywood white") Composite can be used to make shape, position and colour corrections, with a beautifull smile as a result! And this, without having to grind your teeth! You choose the colour and shape of your 'new teeth' yourself in advance, together with your practitioner. After the intake, your treatment can be scheduled and carried out in one session. After a few weeks there is a polishing appointment (included in the costs).

Of course, we would very much like you to leave our practice after the treatment, overjoyed. It is a true art for our practitioners to translate your wishes into the veneers they make. So it helps a lot if you prepare well. Think of color, shape, style, etc. The examples on our instagram page and our facebook page can serve you very well with this.

About 6-8 weeks after your treatment, a post-polishing appointment will follow. If you still have wishes after your treatment with regard to the shape, style, thickness, etc., you can pass them on to us (preferably as soon as possible, by e-mail) and we will implement these changes for you free of charge when polishing. It is therefore very important that you assess very well whether you are completely satisfied with the end result!

If you still have wishes to change after the post-polishing appointment, that is certainly possible, but these treatments are no longer covered by the warranty and will be charged to you.

However, you do receive a one-year warranty on breakage / damage of your veneers.

Composite is a plastic, aesthetic filling material that is applied to the tooth, and cured by means of a special UV lamp. The material has been around for decades, and has been improved a lot over the years. The material is less hard than porcelain, but more elastic. So it will not break as easily, but it does wear a little faster than porcelain. The advantage of composite, as opposed to porcelain, is that it is easy to correct or repair, even after a long time.

Another advantage is that composite can be processed in an extremely thin layer, unlike porcelain; this is also the reason why composite can be processed without grinding the teeth, which is hard if not impossible with porcelain.

Composite veneers usually do not require us to grind your teeth.

In principle, veneers are suitable for everyone; however, your teeth and gums must be in good condition. The minimum age is 18 years. We are reluctant to place veneers until the age of 21, exceptions are made if there is a medical necessity.

No, the treatment is completely pain-free.

After the treatment, most customers indicate a slightly to significantly different feeling inside their mouth, which is logical, because we have applied a layer of composite on the teeth. Usually it takes a few days to a week to get used to the new feeling!

When you visit us for composite veneers,we assume that you have your own dentist for your regular check-ups. At the intake, we only check whether veneers are possible; the intake does not replace your regular check-up! We advise you to return to your own dentist for your check-ups after your treatment with us. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to accept patients outside our region for regular dentistry. Check-ups and any necessary treatments can still be carried out after you have had veneers placed.

All our practitioners work according to the same treatment methods and with the same materials. They have all been trained in our own Restyle-your-Smile academy. So you can expect the same quality from every practitioner.

Please come to the practice on your own! Our waiting room capacity is unfortunately limited. Accompanying persons are not allowed to enter the waiting room or treatment room (exceptions can only be made in consultation with us in advance!)

Our treatments are very popular; this is due to the excellent price/quality ratio. This can sometimes result in a slightly longer access time. However, we do everything we can to keep the access time as short as possible. For up to date information, please call us.

Although we rarely, if ever, get the question, it is possible to remove the veneers again. However, this is a time-consuming procedure; the veneers will have to be ground off very carefully without damaging your own teeth. Removal of the veneers will therefore always have to be scheduled and is not free of charge.

Every colour of composite may appear slightly different on the teeth of different people ; this has to do with the thickness of the layer and the colour of your own teeth, but light and exposure also play a role. For this reason, we never let you choose from a photo but do a colour test in your mouth. We test at least 2 colours (but more upon request) so that you can choose which colour you like best.

Our team speaks Dutch and English. If you speak another language you are most welcome but you will need to bring a translator yourself. The translator will have to join you at all your appointments and will need to come to the practice (so not online or via telephone, Google translate won’t be sufficient either).

If you appear on your appointment without a translator, we will have to cancel your appointment but we have to charge you for the reserved time.

Sustainability and maintenance

We provide a one-year guarantee; however, with proper care, the facings can last much longer; many of our clients enjoy their facings for 5 to 10 years or even longer. Wearing your mouthguard extends the life of your facings and prevents damage.

No, composite is a colourfast material and does not discolour. However, a deposit can sometimes appear on your veneers; this is caused by frequent use, including coffee, tea, herbs, red wine and especially smoking. These deposits can be easily removed by us. For the removal of deposits (polishing), you can make an appointment with one of our Restyle consultants. The costs for polishing the veneers are between € 35 and € 100. If desired, you can combine this with a dental cleaning (tartar removal, etc.). The cost of this depends on the required treatment time.

Please bear in mind that tartar and plaque are darker than your teeth; especially if you choose a light-coloured composite, this will be all the more noticeable. So good oral hygiene is very important.

We will hand out an instruction paper after the treatment. Important is to use a soft toothbrush and a non abrasive toothpaste.

Composite is a durable material, so your veneers will stand up to some rough treatment. Please note that your teeth are 'utensils' and that in exceptional cases damage may occur (just like with your own teeth, by the way). We give you a one-year guarantee on this regardless of the cause of the damage. Our guarantee conditions provide for the repair of any damage free of charge; they do not provide for compensation for time and travel costs. Before you decide to have your treatment with us, think carefully about whether the distance to our practice is not a problem for you in the event of unexpected damage.


You will receive a customised proposal at the time of your intake. The guide price for a complete dental makeover is € 2.275 (price level 2024). The price per tooth is around € 100 - € 150. The costs for a mouth guard are € 120,-. At the time of your intake, the dentist will recommend how many veneers are needed to carry out your wishes; the dentist's recommendation is binding; in other words, our practitioners will only go for the best result; they will not carry out any treatments they do not agree with.

All treatments have to be paid for directly with us; this can be done by pin or cash. For the treatment, a deposit is required; this is for the purchase of the necessary materials, among other things.

Yes, a down payment is required for a veneers treatment. You will receive our general terms and conditions of payment when you make the appointment for the treatment.

For Restyle Your Smile treatments, a down payment of € 500 is required; we use this to order the necessary materials for you. When making the appointment for the facial treatment, you must pay the deposit. If we do not receive a (timely) down payment, we assume that you will forego your treatment and will cancel your appointment.

Please note that health insurers are very reluctant to reimburse cosmetic treatments. Restyle Your Smile is not aware of this and takes no responsibility for it.

We use the following treatment codes: C003, C012, M0120, V15, V40, G33 and M61. Depending on the number of facings, these codes will be charged one or more times.

You must pay the treatment to us afterwards.