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Intake interview

With this form you can register for an intake. After reviewing the photos and your wishes, our consultants will contact you to make an appointment.

The three photos should meet the following  conditions:

One picture must be taken straight ahead, one from the right and one from the left. The photos must be taken in daylight, must be sharp, and have to be zoomed in on the teeth as much as possible (no selfies!!). Make sure that the lips are raised as much as possible and that the gums are visible. For sample photos, please take a look at the before and after photo section of this website.

Please also state your complaints and wishes regarding your teeth on the digital intake form. Would you like to keep your teeth as natural as possible or would you prefer a ‘Hollywood smile’? Would you like a change in position and/or shape?

In some cases, the photo intake can replace the personal intake; however, it is usually advisable to make an appointment for a personal intake as well, and the photo intake serves as a rough estimate of the possibilities and costs. We offer the photo intake free of charge.

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