Information about composite veneers at Restyle your Smile


Our veneers are made directly onto your teeth with a premium quality composite. With composite we can correct color, shape and position of your teeth. At the intake appointment you can choose the desired color, together with the cosmetic dentist. You can go for a complete make over, but of course you can choose to have only one or several worn or discosolored teeth treated!

After a first intake appointment, the whole treatment will be done in just one visit! After 2 – 8 weeks a controlvisit is scheduled, in which all your veneers will be polished again! This is included in the price!

In our technique of compositefacings, the teeth will not be prepped (or just slightly) so the treatment is not painfull, and it stays reversible, which means that the treatment can be undone if desired.

Cost, payment conditions and waitinglist

We prefer to make a custom offer before we start your treatment, because every dentition is different, and everybody has different wishes, but in general, a complete make-over in the Netherlands cost 1850 euro.

At the day of the treatment you will get an invoice from medispa for the amount which has to be paid immediately after the treatment is done. You can pay by cash or creditcard.

Refund by the insurance

In general there will be no refund, as the Restyle your Smile treatment is a cosmetic treatment.


We always make an appointment for a personal intake. This intake is non-committal, and will cost only 25 euros. During this intake we can discuss your wishes and the possibilities for your teeth, we will do a color analysis, and we will make a try out veneer that you can take home.

Maintenance and average lifetime of veneers

If you take care of a good maintenance (we will hand you the instructions) you can expect an average lifetime of at least 5 to 10 years! If necessary we can do a simple touch up after this time to extend the lifetime of the facings with some more years! Composite is a very strong and colorstable material, so there will be no discoloration. However, there can bes ome staining by foods and habits, like tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. This staining can be polished away by us easily in about ten minutes. You can call us for an appointment at any time!
If you are a bruxist (tooth grinding) We recommend you to have us make a mouthgard for you, which can be worn during the night to protect your teeth and your veneers.

Before we start with our veneer treatment, it is important that teeth and gums are in a relatively good condition! We only start the treatment after any cavities have been treated by your own general dentist, and if necessary, your teeth have been cleaned by the dental hygienist.

Choose for a bright and beautiful smile!