Frequently asked questions


Our veneers are made of composite. With composite we can correct shape, position and color of your teeth. You choose the color, together with the dentist who will do your treatment. After the intake, the appointment for your treatment will be scheduled, and in just one single session, you will get your make-over!! After several weeks you will come back for polishing. (first polishing session included in the price).

Yes! We do require a downpayment! For your Restyle your Smile treatment we require a downpayment of 500 euros, to be paid at medispa when you make your appointment, or by banktransfer at least two weeks before your date of treatment. If we do not receive your downpayment timely we will consider your appointment as cancelled.

For The Restyle your Smile technique, we usually do not have top rep your teeth.

We hardly ever get that request. However, if for any reason the veneers would have tob e removed, that is possible, although not easy. They will have to be ground away very carefully without damaging the teeth. Removal of veneers is very time consuming, and can only be done during a scheduled appointment. It is not free of charge!

Basically, yes! However your teeth and gums need to be healthy!!

No, not at all!

After the treatment, most customers indicate a slightly to significantly different feeling inside their mouth, which is logical, because we have applied a layer of composite on the teeth. Usually it takes s few days to a week to get used to the new feeling!

These will not be done by us!! Our intake is not a replacement of your yearly checkup. So in order to keep your teeth healthy: go tot he dentist on a regular basis!

At our Medispa location, the treatments will be performed either by Dr. William Papa or by Dr. Hans de Preud’homme, both very experienced end working exactly with the same technique.

Yes off course! We ask you however, tob ring only one person, this because of the limited waiting space at Medispa.

Our treatments are quite popular! This may result in a somewhat longer waiting time. We do everything possible to reduce the waitinglist! Call us for actual information!

Quality and maintenance

We give a 2 years guarantee! With good maintenace the veneers last much longer! On the average, somewehere between 5 and 10 years, but many customers enjoy their new smile even longer! In case the veneers lose some of their shine and luster, we can do a limited refit to make them as good as new again!! This refit is less time consuming and thus less expensive than a whole new set of veneers.

No! Composite is very colourstable, which means that the colour will remain the same during the years. Some staining may occur however, caused by the frequent use of black coffee or tea, red wine, and smoking! This staining can easily be removed by us. You can always make a polishing appointment, which will cost somewhere between 35 and 50 euros.

We will hand out an instruction paper after the treatment. Important is to use a soft toothbrush and a non abrasive toothpaste.

Composite is a very strong material; almost as strong as natural enamel. So they can withstand normal forces during biting and eating. In exceptional cases damage may occur (as may happen to your natural teeth) Possible damage can easily be repaired. There is a 2 year guarantee on repairs.


On the average the price will be appr. 2500 euros. During the intake the dentist will advise you how many veneers will be necessary to fullfill your cosmetic wishes. This advice is binding! Our dentists only go for the best possible result and will not perform treatments that they do not support.

All the treatments will have to be  paid immediately after the treatment is finished. This can be done cash or with credit card. For the make overs, a downpayment of 500 euros is required.


No, in most cases there will not be a refund. To be absolutely certain; check with your health insurance company!


Before treatment you need to come for an intake. At this personal intake you can indicate your wishes and the dentist will explain the possibilities and the procedure. The color of your veneers will be determined, and the dentist will make a try out veneer for you to take home.
This intake is not binding, but there will be a 25 euro charge. You can make an appointment for a personal intake via the phone number of Medispa; We can be reached daily from 09.00 to 18.00 hrs.

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